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Darrell Becker

Darrell Becker

President and CEO

Hi, I’m Darrell Becker, President and CEO of DB Crypto.

I’ve been working with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies since 2013, setting up clients with access to their own cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges. My focuses have been on isolating security risks and removing and reducing dangers to cryptocurrency storage safety, tracking trends and movements of altcoins and Bitcoin, the evolving risks and benefits of various cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, and the legal scenarios that impact cryptocurrency in every region of the world. I educate clients on the strategies used by succesful investors and traders, and I explicitly cover the risks and potential rewards involved with each strategy.

I can offer higher level consulting to those who wish to leverage the arenas of mining and altcoin trading, as well as optimizing profit from cryptocurrency-based platforms such as Steemit. Let me help you save many hours of time researching and navigating wallets and exchanges, so you can acquire and accumulate more coin in a safer and swifter fashion.

If you’d like to start a working relationship with DBCrypto for the betterment of your cryptography and token knowledge, please inquire using the form below. We have a number of exciting training products in development. Our team can help you find the coaching, consulting or training program that best suits your personal and professional goals.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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